Disciple Makers:

Disciple Makers are those available and willing to serve and help others grow in the kingdom of God so they can become a disciple. Disciple makers are Christian who are obedient to Christ and ready to serve and help people, trust and follow Jesus. John 13:34-35 and Matthew 28:19-20.

My wife Juliet and I give thanks to Dr. Ronnie Goines, an anointed man of God who willingly humbled himself and allowed God to use him as an instrument to serve humanity in developing the ministry of disciple-making along with its discipleship programs.

The Men of Joshua (MOJ) program and the Women’s Discipleship Class (WDC) distribute free discipleship content worldwide to teach believers and non-believers alike how to become pastors of their homes.

“Can you imagine if every man lived the qualifications of a pastor and what that would do to our homes, family, churches, communities, and nations?” – Dr. Ronnie Goines.

Dr. Ronnie Goines is the founder and the lead pastor of Koinonia Christian Church (Lift, Laugh, Learn Love) in Arlington, Texas
Dr. Goines considers himself blessed to have had the opportunity to share with so many throughout the U.S and abroad. His favorite quote is, “Live holy in private, and God will bless you in public.”


  • Disciple-making – entering relationships to help people trust and follow Jesus (Matt. 28:18–20), including the whole process from conversion through maturation and multiplication.

Disciple Maker: a disciple of Jesus who enters relationships with people to trust and follow Jesus.

Discipleship: the state of being a disciple because not all Christians are disciple, therefore,
To Help People: Obeying the Great commission:  Helping every Christian pursue disciple-making: It is for every Christian!

  • Men of Joshua (MOJ): Tamale, Adenta, Tema Community, Gbetsile, Kumasi
  • Women’s Disciple Class (WDC):

The Women’s Discipleship Class helps Christian women build on their faith and gain confidence in leading an unbeliever to Christ and mentoring Christian women.  The course will challenge the mature Christian woman to continue growing and being useful outside of the church.  The course itself is nothing like you may expect.  It is designed for the Christian, to be honest, and cultivate a life of continual prayer and fasting to live the abundant life as promised in John 10:10.  The disciple woman is an Esther woman, bold and confident in her faith in God is strong. Esther 4:14-16.

About Us

Making disciples according to Matthew 28:18–20, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Under the guide of the discipleship programs, we teach anyone willing how to be pastors of their own homes and direct both men and women on a path to become disciples and disciple-makers. Disciple Makers are Christians who are obedient to Christ and ready to serve and help people, trust, and follow Jesus. John 13:34-35 and Matthew 28:19-20.


Tamale: Rev. Dr. Pastor Wuni

Adenta: Brother Stanley and Mr Charles Amedoda

Tema Comm 5:  Pastor Carroll Owu and Pastor Victor Gotah

Gbetsile: Rev. Augustine and Brother Richard Ahern

Kumasi: Brother Cyprian Ekor, and Apostle Ernest Osae

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