Hope Inspiring Mission (HIM) is a veteran owned registered non-profit organization in USA. Over the years, the organization has conducted overarching programs primarily discipleship, teaching men how to become pastors of their own home and at the same time funding and supporting a local primary school located in the Sanga, Volta Region. As well as many other projects in Ghana such as providing accommodation, computer literacy, and a fishing Dam. We look forward to work with other organizations for support to build leadership, and empowerment programs, mentorship and career development, homeless shelter, and community activities.

Established 2018, Hope Inspiring Mission has disciples over 100 men, who know who they are, and their homes become a better conducive dwelling place. They are empowered and embrace their identity and gain self-confidence and an optimistic persona about themselves.

In addition, Hope Inspiring Mission have donated 5 computers, provided dry erase board, continuously with markers, stationery supplies, recreation equipment and personal hygiene items to over 200 pupils and 22 teachers. Donations can be made via Cashapp, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Direct Deposit of direct mail to HIMFI.

From 2019, the vision of the HIM organization has manifested great expansion creating the platform to bring awareness through HE Rose Foundation NGO to help reach out to supporters, donors, and philanthropic environment to create awareness, educate, and raise funds to subsidize HIM organization, changing one family at a time so they can then change other families.

Do not just motivate, empower.

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